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Vancouver mom concerned bullying a problem district-wide

Vancouver mom concerned bullying a problem district-wide »Play Video
Jami Wolter says her daughter has been bullied at Heritage High School in the Evergreen School District.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – An Evergreen School District parent is concerned that bullying is a district-wide problem after she says her 14-year-old daughter was bullied at Heritage High School.

Jami Wolter sent KATU an email after seeing its story on a bullying case at Heritage High.

She says her daughter has been bullied more than once at the school.

"She's pretty much all day long having to try to get away from these girls who are constantly following her around and calling her names," Wolter said.

Her daughter, a freshman, has been home for the last week, because she's afraid to go back to school because she's being bullied.

It's an experience her mother doesn't want her to go through anymore, so she's finding an alternative.

"Online school, really – just because I feel like she's had more than one problem at more than one school," said Wolter. "And I feel like the best thing at this time is to just have her not around those people at all."

It was trouble in middle school that Wolter contacted Evergreen School District about.

"Over a year ago I wrote a letter to them addressing the bullying problem, and that I didn't think they were really taking matters seriously," she said. "I never got a response back from them."

She said her daughter has come home and told her what has been happening and they've gone to the school to talk to them.

A KATU News reporter went to talk to Heritage High principal, Mark Ross. He said it was the first he'd heard of the incident.

"Our Number One priority is student safety," he said. "So we want to make sure that we can help the parent and the student, especially. We can't do anything if she doesn't come forward and talk to us and let us try and help."

Heritage High has a process that students must go through to report bullying. But Ross says they do investigate every incident.

On Thursday, a KATU News reporter was able to connect Wolter with the principal in the hope that they will work something out so that Wolter's daughter can stay in school without further trouble.