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Leavitt, Pollard hit the streets for your vote

Leavitt, Pollard hit the streets for your vote

It was a another day of intense campaigning for the two candidates vying for the Vancouver Mayor's office on Nov. 1 before the election on Nov. 3.

Incumbent Royce Pollard wants to retain his job; city councilman Tim Leavitt wants to claim the title.

Both men were working for the last-minute votes because the race is down to the wire. The two men spent the weekend combing the streets for voters.

The Nov. 3 election will signal the end to what is already being called the costliest in the city's history. According to The Oregonian, Pollard has raised approximately $173,000 and Leavitt has raised approximately $143,000.

Both men spent the weekend talking about creating jobs in Vancouver.

"We've got some great projects already in the works," Pollard said. "We've got some great possibilities and there are a lot of people waiting to see what happens here."

"Government needs to get out of the way if we really want to create job opportunities here in Vancouver for the people who live here so that they don't need to commute over to oregon," Leavitt said.

Another campaign talking point between the two candidates has been the new Insterstate Bridge. The two disagree over the need for tolling to help pay for a new I-5 bridge.

Both candidates are set to take a break from their last-minute campaigning so teh city can carry out its city council meeting Nov. 2.

Below are pictures of Leavitt addressing a group of his supporters today.