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No charges against 19-year-old who burned mom's house down

No charges against 19-year-old who burned mom's house down
Crews have been working to clear the rubble after Pat Jensen's house burned to the ground.

CAMAS, Wash. – A 19-year-old man who accidentally burned his mother’s home to the ground does not face charges.

Brian Murray’s attorney, Jack Green, told KATU that prosecutors decided not to file charges in the case.

Murray was trying to burn more than a dozen envelopes that held old bank statements under his mother’s home last week. Court documents said he used a cup of gasoline and tried to burn them under the deck. Before he knew it, the gas can, several feet away, caught fire – then the deck, and then the home.

His mother, Pat Jensen, said the family doesn’t want Murray to go through legal trouble. She feels her son's learned his lesson without needing a legal battle.

Camas police said they felt bad for the family but that doesn't excuse reckless behavior that can cause damage to property and life. They pointed to damage to two neighbors' homes, saying Murray's parents are not the only victims.

Prosecutors told Green they will continue to investigate the fire and could reevaluate their decision not to file charges in the future.

KATU's Erica Nochlin contributed to this story.