West Linn

West Linn students pull off clever prank with mariachi band

WEST LINN, Ore. – You have to hand it to a group of seniors at West Linn High School for their creativity with this senior prank.

Not satisfied with simply TP’ing a tree or your other standard senior pranks, this group decided to hire a mariachi band to follow their principal around for three straight hours.

West Linn High School principal Lou Bailey said he was totally blindsided when the band showed up and started tagging along with him.

Even though he was the target of the prank, he was glad the entire school got a good laugh.

“They just started playing in our open area,” Bailey said of the band. “It didn’t take long for everyone to get wind of it. It actually kind of emptied the classrooms out. There must have been 500-600 kids out around the porches, over the railings and looking over. It was actually a very cool moment.”

Of course, students also pulled out their cell phones and uploaded the video to YouTube.

Bailey said the pranksters were proud of themselves for being able to keep the plan a secret. He thinks he might have been the only person in the school to not know about it ahead of time.

YouTube video courtesy Kyle Layton