It really does pay to check on airfare even after you buy

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Back in March, I talked about airfares and I explained how you can cash in on a price drop even if you already bought your ticket at higher price.

A few weeks ago, I heard from a KOMO News reader who saw the tip followed the advice and saved a chunk of change.

Barcelona, Spain -- this magnificent city along the Mediterranean features fabulous architecture, fabulous food and wonderful weather. And that's where Christine Anderson and her husband are headed next month.

And thanks to a KOMO report, they're flying for a lot less than they'd expected.

"I'm thankful I had the tip and it was a great savings for us," she said.

When Anderson bought the tickets from US Airways back in January, the total fare was $1,320 per person.Two months later, when the airline slashed the fare to just $800 round-trip, she knew what to do.

"Called customer service at the airline and they were very helpful," she said. "No hassle whatsoever."

Anderson did have to pay a re-booking fee.

"I did of $250. But even with that fee, it was still a savings, a considerable savings," she said.

US Airways sent the Andersons two travel vouchers for $278 each. They're good for a year and can be used to pay for flight.

Seattle travel consultant Steve Danishek says this sort of price drop, while not the rule, does happen enough that it's worth re-checking prices a couple of times before the departure date.

"If it's gone down, contact the airline or your travel agent - the source of purchase - and see whether your ticket allows for that opportunity of re-purchasing it at a lower value," he said.

A couple of things to keep in mind: this money-saving trick only works when the airfare drops more than the price of the re-booking fee. Chances are this will happen more on international than domestic flights.

You will have to pay the re-booking fee upfront. So in the short run, you are out a bit more money. But in the long run, you've saved money if you can fly that same airline within a year.

One more tip: if you do this, make sure you get a voucher for the full amount. You don't want a bunch of $25 vouchers that may need to be used one flight at time. Get one big voucher.