Old tech gadgets could put money in your pocket

Old tech gadgets could put money in your pocket »Play Video
Photo by Bill Roberson

PORTLAND, Ore. - Like most people, Chris Trenholme has a few electronic devices laying around the house that have seen better days.

But what Chris didn't know was he could actually get paid for some of them, according to Molly Wood, a technical expert for C/Net.com.

“There is definitely a huge market now for sites that will buy up your old electronics,” Wood said.

Wood highlighted Web sites like buymytronics.com, which will pay you for your old, even broken ipods, cell phones and gaming consoles.
And they make getting rid of that stuff pretty simple. Trenholme checked a few of his older gadgets and was surprised at what some were worth.

“Its nice to go to a site like this get a quote and just ship it off,” Wood said. “In some cases they'll even pay for shipping so it definitely makes it easier.”

Wood says used electronics sites are really great for people who don't want to bother with putting posts on Craigslist or eBay.

Using the site is simple. You simply fill in some information about the item including the maker and model, and you quickly get a quote on what it is worth.

But not every used trinket is a cash cow. It’s a good idea to shop around sites similar to buymytronics, and even then the offer may not reflect real-world values for hot used items.

In that case, an online ad on Craigslist or a user forum for the device may bring better results.

Some items, including a used and fairly low-tech cell phone that KATU tested, will return as having zero value. Even still, buymytronics will at least recycle it for you if you send it in.

Another popular Web site called gazelle.com which does pretty much the same thing.

You can always check both sites and see which one gives you a better price.

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