Entertainment Disney buffs <i>Bambi</i> to a high shine in HD release Disney buffs Bambi to a high shine in HD release
Anyone waiting for Disney to botch a release will have to keep waiting. No one treats classic films better and everyone’s favorite fawn gets the royal treatment with this new high definition disc.
Entertainment The girls get catty in <i>You Again </i> The girls get catty in You Again
Despite a solid cast and a lot of potential, You Again is like eating a slice of dry, white bread. You won’t starve, but it’s bland, boring, and hard to swallow.
Entertainment Classics in HD: <i>Backdraft</i> and <i>Ray</i> Classics in HD: Backdraft and Ray
One film is beloved by firefighters and the other by Oscar voters. Whether you prefer your action or your music hot, we have you covered.
Entertainment Modern classics on Blu: <i>Lost in Translation </i> Modern classics on Blu: Lost in Translation
Looking to cash in some of those neat gift cards you got for Christmas? How about using one on Sofia Coppola’s achingly beautiful film? Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson shine in a funny and bittersweet look at two Americans lost in Japan.
Entertainment <i>Catfish:</i>  Don’t ruin it for yourself…just watch it! Catfish: Don’t ruin it for yourself…just watch it!
The Social Network was last fall’s critical darling, but there is another movie about Facebook that you should check out as well. Catfish is a documentary full of surprises and has an ending that will leave you haunted.
Entertainment Clooney finds foreign intrigue as <i>The American</i> Clooney finds foreign intrigue as The American
George Clooney stars as an enigmatic hitman in a thriller with a very slow pace. Fans might be surprised to find that this one owes more to European films like Le Samourai than action-fests like The Bourne Identity.
Entertainment Get your 3D kicks on with <i>Step Up 3</i> Get your 3D kicks on with Step Up 3
Think you can step? Think again. See what our guest critic thought of the new Blu-ray video that is big on flashy dance numbers, but “wack” on story, acting, and dialogue.
Entertainment Blu-ray review: Don’t give this <i>Devil</i> his due Blu-ray review: Don’t give this Devil his due
If you think releasing a film about The Devil during Christmas week is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. This M. Night Shyamalan-produced thriller will really horrify you…with its ineptitude.
Entertainment Blu-ray review: Sci-Fi Showdown - <i>Avatar vs. Inception</i> Blu-ray review: Sci-Fi Showdown - Avatar vs. Inception
Two of this last year’s biggest hits are also two of the most coveted Blu-rays. There are no losers in this battle of titans, but which is your favorite, the ecological aliens or DiCaprio’s mind-bending dream thriller?