Stroke Prevention: Get up, get out, get active!

Stroke Prevention: Get up, get out, get active!

Stroke Prevention: Get up, get out, get active!

Learn how an active lifestyle helped one man reduce his risk of stroke, and check out the resources for managing your own risk factors for stroke.


Streaks for Stroke

May is American Stroke Month. Raise your awareness of stroke symptoms and risk factors on May 10th by visiting the "Streaks for Stroke" exhibit at Washington Square and Clackamas Town Center. Learn about stroke AND get a free red hair streak.


State-of-the-art Stroke Care

As a leader in state-of-the-art stroke care, Providence Stroke Center cares for more stroke patients than any other health system in Oregon. Learn about their resources for preventing and treating stroke.


Understanding Stroke and its Risk Factors

Get the basics for understanding what causes stroke, and what risk factors you can and can't control.


A FAST Way to Recognize Stroke

Find out how the word FAST can help save a life and prevent long-term disability.


Providence Stroke Center on the Honor Roll

Stroke patients treated at Providence Stroke Center receive some of the best care in the nation. Learn about the prestigious honors Providence Stroke Center received for improving stroke care.