Read comments on the topic from KATU viewers

Read comments on the topic from KATU viewers

The following are comments received by KATU News regarding the installation of cement posts in Keizer which some feel are phallic symbols.  They have not been edited for content, spelling or grammar. Send us your comments.

“Phallic symbols” are in place all around our world and have been for hundreds and hundreds of years. So what? No one has ever had a problem with them before. In fact, I would bet the majority of the population doesn’t notice them most of the time. Leave it how it is, switch your focus to something more important in the world. This is miniscule compared to what we could be debating about here. Rachel

"Hmm...we have to fill the front page of our website.  Let's see, Iraq war, or phallic cement posts?  The rule of law dying, or phallic cement posts?  Consitutional crisis after crisis created by an insane executive branch, or phallic cement posts?"
The "news" media is now officially a joke.  Please quit your jobs and go to work at People magazine. M. Lewis

Looks like R2D2 to me… just needs a little silver paint!  Nikki

If they spend a bunch more money "retrofitting" or replacing these because they look "phallic" I'll be really disgusted.  People have WAY too active of a gutter brain these days.  There are so many better things to be offended by.  I think it's just ridiculous.  The money and time that they will inevitably spend on this issue is so wasted. Betsy

As long as they don't make water fountains out of them,  I don't see the problem.  No offense taken here. Viki & Lane

Darn ... so now I suppose I need to buy new garbage cans, in order to
not accidentally offend 4% of the people who visit me?  Dear me, dear
me, what's a granny to do?  Barbara W.

I think adding the metal rings and chains they are talking about only makes them look like an S & M display you'd see in a window at Spartacus Leather and Lingerie...  C.W.

Upon viewing the photos of the concrete posts, it became quite obvious to me that they bear a strong resemblance to wastebaskets. This is extremely offensive!! I mean, what message are they trying to convey.. that the area is trashy?? That the residents are litterbugs?? Something really needs to be done about this. Maybe if they altered the posts in some way..made them appear a little more phallic or something. Tim Rice
Saw it on the news last night. People need to get a life and this is not anything news worthy. Spend a little more time investigating the real cost of methanol. How much energy (carbon energy at that) it takes to make it and the effect on inflation.
Mark Eilander

Only those with dirty minds would see those as anything but posts.   I have two kids ages 7 and 8 and it wouldn't even cross my mind to shield them from those posts. I think that the people complaining have too much time on thier hands and need to find a hobby.   Its ridiculous for the city to even consider replacing or adjusting those when there are much better things the funds could be spent on!
Wendy B Oregon City

It seems to me that the people complaining about the so-called phallic shape of cement posts have too much time on their hands.  Phallic?  Honestly, who really cares?!  Upon seeing these cement posts, their shape reminded me of blunt bullets.  So should I start complaining that they're representative of gun control supporters?

Instead of complaining about the shape of cement posts, the people doing the complaining should devote their energy to other more notable issues.  Pick a charitable organization and focus on their needs instead of focusing on phalluses. Lisa


There are a lot more serious things to worry about in this world than cement posts.  I really don’t see the issue here and think it’s a waste of city money to try and “fix the problem”.

I’m a parent of 5 small children and, believe me, I fully understand the problem.  Sexual innuendo is everywhere and much of it is quite explicit and rude.  It is bad enough for adults but is a very dangerous trap to young children.  If parents and other concerned citizens want to make a difference, they should turn off their television, support family friendly movies, and focus on things like internet porn, MySpace, and chat rooms accessed via their kids’ cell phones.


I wonder if these same people when they look at a swingtop garbage can also see a phallic symbol.  They need to get their minds out of the gutter. Shirley
Some people can find something to complain about everything.  Where are their minds?  I certainly never would have thought these were offensive. - Norene

How stupid is it to be offended by a cement post!!!  People that are pointing this out and are upset over it…  have WAY too much time on their hands!!!  And honestly, their minds must be in the gutter to be even seeing the posts in this way!  I say leave the posts as they are..  if they look like a phallic symbol now.. they will look like a decorated one if something is added to it!!  These types of posts can be seen in places all over the country.. will they have to change them all because of comments such as these??!! Come one people, there are more important things in this world to worry about than stupid cement posts!! - Kristi

The people that see these as anything other than cement posts, not only need a life but need their perverted out look kept to themselves. - Brian

A phallic symbol????? Come on!! It is an idiot with a dirty mind!!! PAINT THE TOP OF THEM WITH A FACE... PUT A TIE ON IT & MAKE A GNOME OUT OF THEM. OR a little Fireperson / EMT/ Nurse, Doctor, OR AN ANIMAL.......... SOMEONE, needs to get their mind out of the gutter!! - Meg

Please forward a concern regarding one possible fix for the phallic posts to the Kaiser officials. At one of our Pennsylvania state parks, we had concrete pillers connected with chains to prevent unauthorized access to roads. Some children found that the chains were fun to swing on. One was crushed to death when a piller tipped onto the young child. If you do decide to add chains, make sure that the posts are anchored securely (we thought that ours were....) and inspected frequently. Better yet, consider just adding the collars without the chains. Or just live with them the way they are. - Gayle

I think it is wonderful that so many people are exercising their imaginations, although one has to wonder what they would do in a more serious context. Perhaps if the city does install collars and chains as a means of appeasement for so many narrow gauge minds, those same minds might view the whole display as promoting bondage. - Rick