Little All-Stars: Young juggler's abilities amaze

Little All-Stars: Young juggler's abilities amaze

UNDATED - Nathan Herz, 11, has a lot to keep track of: school, sports, home life and all those other things kids are into these days.

He juggles his life with aplomb because, well, he can juggle.

And not just three tennis balls for a few seconds. Herz' lightning-fast hands and coordination allow him to keep up to six balls in the air at one time - for a long time.

He can also keep rings and juggling clubs aloft as well.

Nathan has moved past juggling to impress friends (and most any adult) into the realm of "sport juggling," which adds trick moves and more difficulty.

But he still makes it look easy.

Herz' uncle got him started and pretty soon the student surpassed the skills of the master - or at least his uncle.

No word on if Nathan will be juggling bowling balls or running chainsaws any time soon.

Probably not.