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Life & Style Beat the heat: An easy, cool dinner Beat the heat: An easy, cool dinner(Video)
When it’s hot, we want to relax rather than stand over a hot stove. This meal can be ready under 30 minutes and is a “one pot meal” making it easy to serve and clean up! You can vary this recipe by using brown rice, wild rice or even a whole-wheat pasta noodles instead of quinoa.
Life & Style Beat the heat: 3 snacks to help you stay cool Beat the heat: 3 snacks to help you stay cool(Video)
Here are three snacks to help you and your family stay cool at home during the hot weather:

One Ingredient Fruit Popsicles: Slice pineapple lengthwise, add a popsicle stick to one end, place in the freezer on a plate or in a Tupperware covered for a least 2 hours.


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Life & Style Fun, new attractions at the Rose Festival(Video)
PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Vancouver teen took the Rose Festival theme to a whole new level this year, turning roses into a snack.

It's just one of the new things you can experience at the fair this weekend.


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Life & Style When eating healthy becomes dangerous(Video)
New diets and exercise plans are constantly popping up in the media and our daily conversations, but when does health go from a common consideration to an unhealthy obsession? A local doctor said awareness is growing locally around orthorexia, an obsession to consume only healthy foods that can leave sufferers far from well.