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Life & Style Photos: Decorating with Blue and Green Photos: Decorating with Blue and Green (Photo Gallery)
These Pacific Northwesterners haven taken their love of the Seahawks to a whole other level! Or maybe they just like the color blue and green. Either way, take a look at these houses from with 12th-tastic paint jobs.


P-Town Eats

Life & Style Pacific Pie Co. shares some holiday pie recipes (Video)
With just a handful of days until Christmas, those in charge of dessert are prepping for their holiday dishes. Don't know what to bake? Sarah Curtis-Fawley of Pacific Pie Company has some recipes to help make something stellar to serve.


Travel & Outdoors Jet boats provide family fun on Snake River rapids
Hells Canyon might be God's best-kept hideaway if you're a hiker seeking solitude, a fit hunter pursuing game or an angler hoping to catch smallmouth bass, steelhead and sturgeon until your arms are numb.
Travel & Outdoors Salmon fishing off S. Oregon coast looks good for 2015
Enough adult salmon are now finning off the Southern Oregon and Northern California coasts to give Brookings a good chance to repeat as Oregon's top port for boating chinook. But the ever-changing ocean currents have to do their part.

Health & Fitness

Life & Style Group prenatal care sees surge (Video)
Group prenatal care is seeing a surge. Instead of having a one-on-one doctor's visit before having your baby, you're in a room with more than a dozen other moms going through the same experience.
Life & Style When eating healthy becomes dangerous (Video)
New diets and exercise plans are constantly popping up in the media and our daily conversations, but when does health go from a common consideration to an unhealthy obsession? A local doctor said awareness is growing locally around orthorexia, an obsession to consume only healthy foods that can leave sufferers far from well.

Pet Vet

Life & Style Pet Vet: What bumps and lumps should we be concerned about on our pets? (Video)
You may have felt some lumps or bumps when petting your dog or cat, but how can we know which ones to be concerned about? KATU News talked with Dr. Alison Lord of the Pearl Animal Hospital about the common queries she sees from people wanting to follow up on some bumps they've found on their pets.