Get busy looking busy

Get busy looking busy

Sitting in a cubicle farm five days a week can drive a person crazy. For a lot of people, however, a chunk of those 40 hours is taken up with Facebook, Twitter, texting and avoiding one's boss. And, of course, looking like you’re working.

But with so many new-fangled spyware technologies, and creepy IT guys in dark rooms watching your every key stroke, you have to be creative when it comes to looking busy. For instance, if you have a lot of text or reference books at your desk, you can take them home, cut out the actual text and put in an installment of your favorite teen vampire romance novel. Or, you know, something good. Everyone will think you’re brushing up on your industry’s latest research.

If you’re working as a receptionist or assistant, it is easy to read office magazines, claiming to screen them for inappropriate content; you wouldn’t want the company to look bad now, would you?

You know what’s underrated? Hangman. Playing a game of hangman with an office friend enables you both to play your turn, get up, walk to the opposite sides of the cubicle farm and have a nice little chat that looks both intense and professional.

Maybe a day comes where you need to make copies. A lot of copies. In the copier room. Alone. If you’re worried about wasting paper: problem solved. Just copy blank pages. Hundreds of them. Put the blanks back in the machine and spend all day texting behind the shelves full of toner.

Make a phone call to someone really important who isn’t at their desk, leave a message and immediately get up and go to the bathroom. They’ll call you back but you’ll be away from your desk. Everyone will assume you’ve been very busy. But instead you'll be quickly becoming an Angry Birds master.

Spending time off the computer (doing something important looking that can’t be tracked) will give you great brainbreaks when you’re at the end of your rope ... or on any day that ends in "Y."