Best iPhone productivity apps

Best iPhone productivity apps

Cloud, shmoud. Dropbox lets you sync documents, music files and photos to and from your phone and computer with ease and it’s totally free. Never lose another document or hot track again!


Write yourself notes, synch notes to your Mac or PC, record voice memos, search text in photos. Totally free but without annoying popup ads.

Apple Pages

Easily create letters, flyers, posters and cards with the mobile version of the Apple word processing software. The app automatically zooms in on text as you type, and text wraps so you’re not constantly moving your screen around.

Siri Assistant
Though this app isn’t able to multitask at the moment, the Siri virtual assistant can call you a cab, reserve you a table at your favorite bistro, find you movie tickets or tell you how to get to your meeting. Oh yeah, and it’s also free.

This is a microblogger’s dream. The free Tumblr app lets you easily post photos, quotes and entries immediately to your stream.