On the internet at work? You deserve a raise

On the internet at work? You deserve a raise

Science, I thought the jury was still out on you. But now I know that you're on our side. Because you have finally maybe established what I've always thought could possibly be true -- that browsing the 'Net while at work was actually a good thing.

Yes, according to a study released last week, when you pop onto your local time-wasting lifestyle blog (ahem), you're actually giving your brain a much-needed break, which can actually improve productivity.

Of course, there are caveats. If you get sucked into playing FarmVille for 3 hours, it's unlikely that you're actually getting anything done. But taking a brief pause from the spreadsheets and emails (you know, like you're doing right now -- and good for you!) with some light, non-work-related reading is good for you. According to my new favorite researchers, doing just a little bit of "cyberloafing" (yup) can actually increase productivity, as opposed to being banned from the Internet altogether. In fact, those who were told to do a task but could not surf the web were more likely to take extra bathroom breaks or begin texting.

Texting, by the way, was found to be kind of a big distraction, as was personal emailing.

A second study brought similar findings, including that those who were allowed to do some Internetting reported feeling more positive and upbeat.

Thanks, Science! You've not only confirmed my questionable work habits, but also those of almost everyone who's reading this article right now.