Hangover cures, some worse than a hangover

Hangover cures, some worse than a hangover


Everyone has their go to when it comes to hangover cures. Ours is chocolate milk, two pieces of dry toast and three ibuprofen before bed. Works. Every. Time.


Most professionals say that water, time and rest are the only things to “truly” cure a hangover, but there are also some recipes that can help ease those yucky morning after symptoms. Some are all natural, others involve a high alcohol content. A few are disgusting. Shut those blinds and keep reading:

Milk Thistle

This plant has been used for centuries for people with liver problems, and can assist in liver function, which is crucial in processing alcohol and feeling normal after a long night at the pub. The leaves can be eaten as a spinach substitute or added to a salad. The roots can be eaten raw or boiled and eaten like artichokes. Extracts can be found and consumed on their own.


Add it to something. Eat it raw. We don’t care. This will help your stomach digest and will definitely keep you from dry heaving at the office on Friday morning.

Canned Fish

Seriously. It’s full of minerals that your body needs when you’re cooling your head against the toilet.

Vitamin B6 & 12

They’re winners. Pop one before bed or as soon as you wake up (with lots of water) to help the healing process along.

Bloody Mary

You probably already knew about this one. The new alcohol gets processed and distracts you from your symptoms while the tomato and celery provides your body with much needed vitamins.

Prickly Pear

Extract from this cactus is great for nausea, dry mouth and loss of appetite. Since you should definitely be eating when you’re hung over, this is a great (and tasty) way to get yourself back in the mood. Prickly Pear can often be found in margaritas which makes for an incredibly efficient delivery system.

Tiger Balm

Cover yourself in it. Put a towel down on the couch first.


Take a shot of this natural detoxifier for a boost.

Spicy Stuff

Sriracha is a favorite of ours, but hitting up a Mexican or Korean place to get something that will nearly burn your taste buds off helps fight fire with fire.

So what do you have in your arsenal that clears the head after a long night of fuzzy navels and Kahlua shots?