Alternative Thanksgiving dinners

Alternative Thanksgiving dinners

PORTLAND, Oregon - Let's say you have a big group coming for Thanksgiving and someone eats vegan.

There are the usuals: mashed potatoes, squash soup ... but the turkey? That's hard to recreate.

But this is Portland, where you don't have to have a traditional Thanskgivng.

Grant Dixon at Papa G's Deli - and organic, vegan restaurant - is here to help. He makes tempeh turkey - cultured cakes of grains and beans.

But, does it actually taste like turkey?

"If you've never had turkey before, it tastes exactly like it," laughs Dixon's right-hand man Bhrigu Das.

Check out video of Dixon's alt Thanksgiving creations tonight on KATU News at 6

If you want to keep up your alternative Thanksgiving, Salt and Straw ice cream in Northwest Portland is taking on flavors you'd usually attack with a fork, not a spoon.

"My cousin Tyler who makes all the ice cream came up with the idea of doing a whole Thanksgiving meal," owner Kim Malek said.

Salt and Straw is known for its bold ice cream flavors, but turkey ice cream?  With turkey juice and caramel brittle?

"Well after you have your turkey, you might have pumpkin pie, and so we did a chevre ice cream with pumpkin pie mixed in," Malek said.  "We try to have a little bit of something for everybody."

Add to it the sweet potato ice cream with candied pecans and marshmallows, or the stuffing flavor - a celery soda ice cream with cranberries - and you have a meal, ice cream style.

A few  places in Portland offering Thanksgiving food to go (not all are open on Thanksgiving)

"This'll be our 5th Thanksgiving that we've done here," Dixon said.

Everything at Papa G's Deli in southeast Portland is organic and vegan.  So no animal products like dairy, meat, or eggs.

"To be able to do this vegan means nothing had to die for us to eat, it feels a lot less selfish, a lot more thankful for life," Dixon said.