How to survive the grocery store on Christmas Eve

How to survive the grocery store on Christmas Eve

PORTLAND, Ore. -- So you forgot the milk for the mashed potatoes, or you're tackling the whole ingredients list this late in the game. Either way, you're stuck at the grocery store on Christmas Eve with everyone else.

KATU found a procrastinator with a secret weapon to get her through the crunch.

"I was trying to beat it! but then I showed up and they're all here," Megan Dyer said.

She's not intimidated thought. She has her list and pen and she's ready. She plans to make her mom's lasagna for the first time and it has to be perfect. Oh, and ready in just hours.

"I am cutting it close but I got everything else done so this is my last thing", Dyer said.

But to reach the shelves, she has to navigate all the other carts in the aisle. The list is ambitious. Besides the lasagna, she needs kale salad, garlic bread, punch, and dessert.

"We don't hold back", she said.

Megan is an inspiration to procrastinaters everywhere. A beacon of encouragement when one is up against the wall. But she has a secret weapon; maybe even an unfair advantage. Her husband is a chef.

Reporter Valerie Hurst said, "Your husband's a chef so it's not like you're completely helpless."

Megan replied, "It's true, and he's gonna come home and help me today so, we're good, we're good."

Fred Meyer stores are open till 6 p.m. Christmas Eve. They are closed Christmas Day.

Albertsons store hours vary, so it's best to call your store, but most are open till 7 p.m. And some are closed Christmas day.

Safeway is open till 7 Christmas Eve. And open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Christmas Day.