Live in Beaverton and love food carts? It might be your lucky year

Live in Beaverton and love food carts? It might be your lucky year

BEAVERTON, Ore. – If you live in Beaverton and you like food carts, get a little bit excited.

Only a little bit for now, but still.

The city is considering revamping its codes to make life much easier for food cart workers – and the people that love them.

Troy Herren is especially invested – he falls into both categories. He loved Pork Chop City so much when he began eating there that he eventually got a job working for the cart back when it was parked on the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.

“I came back seven out of the next nine nights had the same sandwich (after my first trip),” he said.

The problem is, Beaverton’s city codes only allow the carts to operate for seven hours at a time, and they have to be moved off at the end of each shift.

Herren said it takes about 45 minutes to take everything down and move the cart – a big part of the reason the cart resides in Portland now.

It’s also a big part of the reason there are fewer than 10 food carts in Beaverton.

“We've heard periodically that moving the carts is difficult on business,” said Steve Sparks, who manages the Beaverton City Planning Department.

So, the city is in the early stages of revising its codes to make things easier for carts, and is even considering allowing pods.

“It's not that there is a line of people at City Hall saying they want food carts,” Sparks said. “However, they are so popular downtown, this is clearly what people are into.”

Herren said the cart tried subverting the rules to keep the business viable, but after a couple substantial fines, it was time to relocate.

“It seems like in Beaverton things were just a little more … they were harder,” he said.