Portland boasts just one food cart in national ranking?

Portland boasts just one food cart in national ranking?

Us foodies here in Portland take a lot of pride in our food carts -- the variety of fare and large number of them.

So we can already hear the collective gasps of dismay when we report that a national publication called The Daily Meal has given our city one – just one! – of the spots in their ranking of the top 101 food carts in the United States.

And our one food cart didn’t even crack the top 50. The People’s Pig, a popular sandwich truck in downtown Portland, came in as the No. 85 food truck in America.

“The meat is hormone- and antibiotic- (though happily not fat-) free, and while there is a changing daily menu flank steak and even chicken have been known to appear you can always count on porchetta, boneless roast pork roast seasoned with garlic, rosemary, and fennel,” wrote The Daily Meal.


By comparison, our big brother of the north, Seattle, boasted seven food trucks in the top 101.

What dazzled The Daily Meal about People’s Pig? The article says its writers visited 30 cities and ate at about 300 street vendors. They narrowed their top choices based on a food cart’s popularity, critical review, social score and originality.

One of The Daily Meal’s deal breakers on whether a food cart made the cut? Whether it has a social media presence.

People’s Pig has 195 followers on Twitter, compared to some food carts that had more than 1,000 followers.

So if social media is a factor, give @PeoplesPig some Twitter love.