This year's vintage is nothing to whine about

This year's vintage is nothing to whine about »Play Video
A worker at the Le Cadeau Vineyard harvests grapes Thursday. Because of the great weather, this wine season is one of the best on record.

NEWBERG, Ore. –  Tom Mortimer owns Le Cadeau Vineyard where getting good wine is a little more than growing, picking and bottling.

"A lot of people get into the wine business because they've been drinking wine and they think wine grows in the bottle," he said Thursday.

Getting good grapes for good wine isn't easy. The wine business can be brutal.

"All of the sudden, you get into it and you watch a hailstorm come through and wipe out your crop and you're like, this isn't what I was thinking about when I was sitting at a white tablecloth restaurant having a nice bottle of wine – it's farming," Mortimer said.

Even if it’s hard work and things can go sour with crummy weather, nobody's whining about the weather in Oregon wine country this year.

Vintners have had plenty of dry, sunny summer days. And with so much sun, it's making this year's harvest one of the best in the region's 50-year history.

"It's always exciting, but there's good excitement and there's bad excitement," Mortimer said. "This year it's good excitement because the fruit and the weather's been spectacular – the quality of the wine will be extremely high."