Did you know Wednesday is Gluten-Free Beer Day?

Did you know Wednesday is Gluten-Free Beer Day?

PORTLAND, Ore. - Mayor Sam Adams has declared Wednesday 'Gluten-Free Beer Day' in honor of the new offering from the Widmer Brothers.

The local company is behind the first beer brewed in the United States that has no gluten but still contains malt and barley. It's called Omission and there's a pale ale and a lager.

At first the Widmer brothers Kurt and Rob used alternative grains - like rice. But the flavor wasn't up to their standards.

So they kept on working at it and found a way to keep malt and barley in the process and still make it gluten free. The trick is that they use barley that is low in gluten and then a natural enzyme in the brewing process dissolves the gluten.

"It's not a secret," Kurt said. "There are breweries in Europe that have been doing what we're doing for quite some time, so it's a proven process."

If you're skeptical about whether beer brewed with malt and barley can really be gluten free, you can check out the test results for each bottle.