You may accidentally be saving the earth

You may accidentally be saving the earth

I may not drive a hybrid, filter my own urine for drinking water or live in structure made from recycled soda cans, but the small, conscious steps I do take make a huge impact on our planet and our environment. These are steps that you may not think do much for our environment or planet. Yet, they really do add up, and over time will help you, your family and your family’s family live on a cleaner, better planet.

How many times have you seen or heard that bringing your own bags to the store can save our landfills and planet from plastic bags? Yet, I still see so many individuals in the checkout lines asking for plastic. Do they not think that their choices have an effect? Are they embarrassed that they too might be labeled as an environmentalist? Do they have an extended family member from their dad’s cousin’s second ex-wife in the plastic bag business? Whatever the case may be, never doubt the small steps; they soon  turn into large leaps. (Hint: You might be doing these things already and not even know it was good for the Earth)

Saving Trees

Love to email or chat? Well, think of all the paper you would have to use to mail each LOL or smiley emoticon. Practice this at work, too. Instead of writing on paper, have a blank word document open to jot down notes and send in-company emails instead of placing pesky post-it notes on your co-workers' desks.

Pay your bills online and have your invoices sent via email. If you want to stay organized, make a separate email account strictly for your bills. That way you can easily keep track of them all.

Reuse printed paper for your children or for scratch paper. There is a perfectly good blank side just  waiting to be useful.

Breathe Cleaner Air

Shed some unwanted pounds by buying a used bike and ride to work. Or work from home if possible. Just be sure to change out of your pajama top when Skyping with your client.

And yes, purchasing a hybrid will save on gas, money and the environment when you do decide to drive. They're getting more stylish and pratical every year.