Decoupage: Make boring better

Decoupage: Make boring better
Thank you to flickr user apollonia666

It’s easy to lust after the furniture in vintage stores or catalogues that are way outside of your price range. It’s harder to get a look just like that one in your tiny apartment. But we’re about to make your decorating dream a reality!

Decoupage is popular in the craft community, but it was only recently that twenty and thirty-somethings with a quirky sense of style and a small budget were able to utilize the super-simple tactic to improve boring furniture currently filling their homes or to make thrift-store finds even better.

Wooden chairs, dressers, desks and coffee tables are all great pieces to work with your first time around. Decorating only part of the piece, like the top of a chair, seat of a chair or front of dresser drawers can actually make the furniture pop while still allowing it to blend in with your space.

Once you’ve picked out a piece, you’ll have to hit up the craft store. You’ll be looking for decoupage glue and varnish. Mod Podge is the commonly used brand, and they’re moderately priced as well. The varnishes usually come in glossy and matte finishes, so be careful to grab the right one. You’ll also need foam brushes, paper plates and gloves if you would like to avoid a glue on skin incident.

When you get home, you’ll want to cut out photos, newspaper clippings, tissue paper, whatever tickles your fancy. Vintage wallpaper is also a really awesome option and sets really well on wood furniture. Take the pieces you’ve cut and place them on the furniture in whatever formation you want them to be. Once it looks perfect, start gluing. A thin layer of glue goes on the back, brushed on with foam brushes. Smooth out any bubbles and wipe off any excess glue so it doesn’t clump up. Nobody likes a clumpy dresser.

As soon as everything has dried, you’ll apply the varnish coat on top. Again, check for bubbles and be sure that there’s no excess glue. Once it dries you’re totally done in one quick afternoon.