Beware of slug bait - some can kill your dog

Beware of slug bait - some can kill your dog

PORTLAND, Ore. - A common item in your garden is also one of the most common ways that a pet can get poisoned.

We're talking about slug bait. One dog died and three others got sick this past week at a local pet hospital so it's worth talking about and reminding folks of the danger.

Dogs seem to love the taste of slug bait and that makes it harder to keep them away from it. Once a dog ingests the toxic pellets they can experience heavy drooling, weakness, shaking, tremors and eventually seizures.

Dozens of dogs die every year in Oregon after eating slug bait. So what can you do? Well there are plenty of alternatives.

You can buy slug bait that is specifically made to be safe for pets and wildlife - it will say so on the front of the packaging. A cheaper alternative is to just take the egg shells from your morning breakfast and spread them around your garden.