Everyone should get a parade when they turn 100

Everyone should get a parade when they turn 100 »Play Video
Frank Springer, 100, was honored by his family, friends and neighbors in a surprise parade that was thrown for him on Saturday, March 24, 2012 (KATU photo).

PORTLAND, Ore. - Folks in Southeast Portland's Brooklyn neighborhood took to the streets on Saturday for a surprise birthday party for their oldest resident.

Marching bands and vintage cars made their way down Southeast Eighth Avenue in honor of retired Portland police officer Frank Springer, who turned 100 years old.

Springer, who served nearly four decades on the force and has been retired since 1973, said the celebration caught him off guard.

"My grandkids planned all this and they never told me much about it," he said.

Springer was a cop in Portland during the city's 'Sin City' days and his experiences and recollection of that time in the city's history is the subject of a documentary project.

Also, KATU recently profiled Springer in a story about a local art gallery - Geezer Gallery - that features works by older artists. He creates colorful glass pieces in his basement and is the gallery's oldest artist.