Vancouver kindergartners get jump start on learning

Vancouver kindergartners get jump start on learning

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Kate Quayle says her family needs an early start to the back-to-school routine. She has four children who are under the age of five.

“My girls like to stay up late, even if they’re not supposed to, and sleep in and I feel like getting them into the habit of waking up and getting ready in the morning and just socially being around the other kids,” said Quayle.

“Just gets them into that routine of what to expect for kindergarten.”

Some kindergartners in Vancouver are getting a jump start on learning a month early. Several schools in the Vancouver Public school district opened at the beginning of August as part of the district’s Jump Start program.

“Teachers can work with the kids, work with the families and the kids can see what school is like without anyone else around,” said Jump Start teacher Kendra Yamamoto.

Yamamoto says the expectations in kindergarten are higher than most parents realize.

 “Nap time and finger painting are great, but here in kindergarten we’re doing more academic things,” she said.

Nearly 50 percent of Vancouver kindergartners are taking part in the Jump Start program.

“I think as a whole everyone is working together,” Yamamoto said. “As long as we know what our focus is, we can get there.”

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