Ore. coast shark attack spares surfer, surfboard not so lucky

Ore. coast shark attack spares surfer, surfboard not so lucky

NEAR NEWPORT, Ore. - An Oregon man is understandably shook up after surviving a harrowing shark attack near Newport, Oregon, on Thursday.

Bobby Gumm was surfing with friends about 500 feet from shore when, according to witnesses, he was thrown into the air by the marauding shark, which witnesses said was a Great White shark between 15 and 20 feet long.

While Gumm was not injured, the big shark did take a big bite out of his surfboard. "Then, all of sudden, I saw a 2-foot fin come out of the water," fellow surfer and witness Ron Clifford said, "and then it lifted my friend [Gumm] up about 10 into the air... I was scared for my life. I've never seen anything like that."

"We just gave him big hugs," after they paddled back into shore, Clifford said.

It's the second shark encounter in just over a week along the Oregon coast.

Another surfer, Doug Niblack, said a large shark knocked him from his surfboard near Seaside and he was actually riding on top of the shark for several seconds.

Niblack was not hurt and several witnesses, including a member of the Coast Guard who was surfing with him, have corroborated his story.

Gumm declined an interview and his family said he was still badly shaken after the encounter.

Gumm and fellow surfers paddled to shore "as fast as we could" and warned other surfers still in the water to get to shore.

While shark attacks along the Oregon coast are rare, they are not unheard of.

Great White sharks roam the world's oceans as a top predator and have a wide-ranging diet. They usually break off an attack when they realize a human is involved, but that is not always the case.

They have been spotted numerous times off the Oregon coast.