Capturing Oregon's beauty, one frame at a time

Capturing Oregon's beauty, one frame at a time
An image from "Explore Oregon" by Uncage the Soul Productions.

PORTLAND, Ore. – You don’t have to convince Oregonians that we live in a gorgeous state. From the coast to Crater Lake to the Blue Mountains, Oregon has no shortage of natural beauty.

Now the team at Uncage the Soul Productions has documented much of that beauty in a stunning time-lapse video called “Finding Oregon.”

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On the company’s Vimeo page, they explained the video is a compilation of time-lapse footage shot over the course of six months.

They shot images in the Columbia River Gorge, Mount Jefferson, the southwest Oregon coast, the Alvord Desert, Blue Mountains, Deschutes River, Crater Lake and more.

They also described the challenges of capturing these beautiful images, including battling the weather and a bright moon that can wash out the star shots.

In just the first day since the video was published on Vimeo, it was featured on Huffington Post and the popular environmental blog Treehugger.

Finding Oregon from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.