Stone tools offer new insights into first Oregonians

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Paisley Caves
  • Looking out from the Paisley Caves
  • Looking out from the Paisley Caves
  • Stone tools
  • Dennis Jenkins
  • Paisley Caves
  • Sample of human waste from one of the caves
Paisley Caves
File--This July 23, 2008, file photo, shows the sagebrush desert of Summer Lake Basin and Winter Ridge silhouetted by one of the Paisley Caves near Paisley, Ore. Stone tools and human DNA from the ancient Oregon caves offer new evidence of how the first Americans spread through the continent--archaeologists reported Thursday, July 12, 2012, that they have dated broken spear points from the cave to about 13,200 years ago, as old as much different stone tools found elsewhere from the better-known Clovis culture found in the southeast and interior United States.(AP Photo/Jeff Barnard, file)