Life & Style Want a home bar? These are the essentials Want a home bar? These are the essentials
I was never really meant to bartend. I bitterly became one because the real one never showed up to work. The real animosity comes from having to make ten lemon drops for a bunch of high-fiving babe magnets. To avoid displays of idiotic behavior such as this (the dudes And the lemon drops), here are some must-have starters for your home bar:
Life & Style Savory Gruyère-Apple Tarts Savory Gruyère-Apple Tarts
This was the second 'tester' recipe in a row that turned out much better than I expected...I've had a stash of 'must-try-this-sometime' recipes cut out from magazines, and I ripped this savory autumn tart one out of a recent copy of Country Living Magazine. I added some fresh thyme, but other than that: simple, elegant perfection! And so easy, too.