Awesome PDX Etsy shops

Awesome PDX Etsy shops
Photo courtesy of Cookoorikoo

Mindy’s Beer Gear
Genius. Take recycled six-packs and make cuffs, wallets, luggage tags, picture frames and other trinkets. Then sell them on Etsy for less than $30. Make wishes come true. Mindy may be in Vancouver but this lady’s designs are so cool we are willing to take them as our own. And if anyone wants to buy me the New Belgium Ranger frame, I would like to put a picture of me and my Nana in it.

Victory Garden of Tomorrow

You one of those people griping about the compost program? Well, quit it. Just buy a sweet poster from this shop and all of the smells will magically disappear. Every t-shirt and poster is designed and produced locally, or at the very farthest, in California. Not to mention, everything here is super adorable.

Cardamom Handmade

Okay, two things: 1. I need that Oregonian cowl like right now and 2: Can I be best friends with the designer/model? She’s so cute and makes great pieces out of vegan acrylic, which are super versatile and classic. These are perfect for birthday gifts and selfish presents (what I buy every time my paycheck comes!)

Amy Ruppel
Amy Ruppel makes some awesome art prints that are totally unique and very affordable. What else does she make? Portland Bingo card prints! Do want! For only $20, you can get your very own game going. It’s an 11"x14” print, so it would be perfect hanging on the wall.

The talented Shana Hampton makes awesome jewelry, silk shoe clips and hair accessories, which are all color coordinated and affordable. This is perfect if you’re looking for wedding/bridesmaid/event outfits where you would like a few people to be coordinated but still have their own twist or color palate. Shana sends all of her goodies in a brown paper tied with string … because she wants it to be one of your favorite things (see what she did there?!).