Got a great hat in your closet?

Got a great hat in your closet?
File photo from the 2011 Portland Hat Parade (by Shannon L. Cheesman, Producer/Reporter).

PORTLAND, Ore. - Do you have a funky, odd, cool or fantastic hat you'd love to show off?

If so, now's your chance to dig it out of the closet because Lulu's Vintage in downtown Portland will be holding its third annual Portland Hat Parade coming up on Saturday, June 30.

All you have to do to join in is put on your favorite hat (and perhaps a costume to go with it) and meet up at the vintage shop at 916 W. Burnside Street.

From there you'll take a leisurely walk through downtown, visit a few hat shops and then stop for refreshments and socializing.

The whimsical event was dreamed up by Anne Weiland, the owner of Lulu's Vintage, who used to invite friends over to her house to dress up in vintage hats and outfits. Then they would all go out for dessert and champagne.

Of course, folks always noticed the ladies and Weiland thought perhaps it might be a good idea to make a parade out of it and invite others along.

The first one was in 2010 and around 20 or so people usually participate. It's anyone's guess who all will show up this year but even though the group is small, they do turn heads when they pass by.

Last year, for example, the most interesting hat and costume in the parade was a woodsy-themed outfit that Kay Sims (pictured below) wore. She said she wanted to go with a 'mystical creatures of the forest' kind of vibe.

Kay Sims, one of the participants in the 2011 Portland Hat Parade. File photo by Shannon L. Cheesman, Producer/Reporter.

Others dressed up in period costume or went for the 'I'm going to the Kentucky Derby' look. The possibilities are endless - what could you come up with?