Show your love with an eco-friendly Valentine's Day gift

Show your love with an eco-friendly Valentine's Day gift »Play Video

Valentine’s Day may conjure images of red roses, but in Oregon, love can be found in the most romantic shade of green. Read on for eco-romantic ideas of all shapes, sizes and budgets from Oregon Environmental Council:

Cook from (and for) the heart—Want to plan a dinner made with tender, loving care? Treat your partner to a cooking class. With the help of the right teacher, you can even benefit your heart. Sprout Health in Portland offers cooking classes using Oregon’s abundant local ingredients to support healthier lifestyles—they’ll even hold class right in your home.
Plant a tree—Whether your love stands tall or is just beginning to bud, planting a tree is a great way to honor it. Winter is the perfect time to plant, according to OEC’s Love Your River challenge. Trees help reduce storm water pollution while keeping your neighborhood looking great. Take the challenge and you could win a tent from REI for a romantic getaway. And throughout February, Friends of Trees is running a special 25% off Gift Trees promotion, a program where they plant a tree in honor of your loved one.
Wine for a healthy climate—Your bottle of red or white may taste of fruit, chocolate, oak—and can you detect the hint of a healthier planet? Choose a wine from one of the wineries who’ve participated in Oregon Environmental Council’s carbon neutral program, and you’ll support a business that is dedicated to cutting its contribution to greenhouse gases and making sure Oregon has plenty of healthy grapes for years to come.
Organic flowers—Some say they look brighter and last longer, but flowers grown in healthy soil using organic methods are without a doubt easier on the environment. There are plenty of local Oregon growers who can help you brighten the day with a healthy bouquet.
Fresh air—There’s nothing like a stuffy nose to put a damper on romance—and scented candles could be the culprit. Artificial fragrance often contains chemicals that can trigger allergies and asthma. When in doubt, choose safer alternatives like fresh lemons or cinnamon sticks; they smell great without inducing a headache.
Good chocolates—“Healthy” isn’t high on the list of qualities we search out in a box of candy but “good” is. And there are many choices for tasty chocolates made with care for the planet and care for people who grow and produce them. Greenopolis has ten suggestions that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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