Happy Valley bans public nudity

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HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. - In a unanimous decision Tuesday night, the City Council in Happy Valley voted to ban the public display of a person's private parts, a move made in response to neighbors upset with Steven Howatt for walking around naked.

Those who live near Howatt had complained that he would routinely garden in the nude, go to his mailbox in the nude and even relax in his hammock in the nude.

When KATU went to the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago to check out what was going on, Howatt was none too happy that we were there and even tried to wrestle a camera away from our photographer.  The photographer was not hurt in the incident.


Howatt is reportedly much calmer now and is even seeking a truce with his neighbors.

"He just wants to explain who he is and talk to them about what he was doing and try to, I guess, make a better neighborhood situation," said Steve Campbell, Director of Community Services in Happy Valley.

Howatt said he will comply with the new ban, which takes effect in 30 days.