'Next thing you know, you almost kill three people'

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Corbin Braymer says his parents were almost killed when they were hit by an out-of-control car near Pike Place Market last week.

SEATTLE – The driver who plowed into three people at Pike Place Market after admittedly smoking synthetic pot this past week is a "da** fool" who almost killed his parents, says the son of a married couple hurt in the crash.

"It makes me sick to my stomach," says Corbin Braymer. He says it will be a long time before his father will even be able to walk again.

Police say the driver, 39-year-old Travis Lipski, admitted smoking K-2 – a chemically-infused herb sold at head and smoke shops – and then got behind the wheel of his Subaru in downtown Seattle on Thursday. (In August we reported on a teen who was taken to Salem Hospital after hallucinating and being unable to breathe after smoking a similar synthetic substance. A pharmacist at Salem Hospital, John McNulty, told us there is no proof the product causes serious adverse effects; however, someone who smokes it could have an allergic reaction to the herbs or react to chemicals laced on the product.)

In Lipski's case, he told police he blacked out. And what happened next was total mayhem.

Investigators said Lipski's Subaru went out of control on Stewart Street, sideswiping a parked car near Second Avenue.

Lipski's Subaru kept going. As it approached First Avenue it slammed into Corbin Braymer's 57-year-old father, Scott Braymer. The impact threw him 20 feet and seriously injured him. Corbin's mother, Susan, also was hit.

The car then crashed into a produce truck parked in an alley. The impact forced the produce truck into another parked car where it pinned a 25-year-old woman in between.

 The crash created chaos at the Pike Place Market, injuring three people.

A witness said the driver was slumped over the steering wheel as the car was moving.

Corbin Braymer says his father and mother are lucky to be alive after the crash. He says they were out Christmas shopping, walking down the sidewalk, when Lipski's car plowed into them.

Now Corbin is furious at Lipski.

"You're just a da** fool. A da** fool," he says.

He says his father is still at Harborview Medical Center, suffering with broken bones.

"He's in bad shape. It's going to take him a long time to even walk again," says Corbin Braymer. "It could have happened to anyone."

Corbin's mother is recovering from her injuries at home.

"I'm happy that I still have them both," says Corbin.

Lipski, a comedian who moved to Seattle seven months ago, waived his right to appear in court on Friday.

The judge said he allegedly told detectives he smoked K-2 – otherwise known as "spice" or synthetic marijuana – before he lost control and hit the three pedestrians.

"You're taking something - you don't really know what it is - and you get behind the wheel," Corbin says. "And next thing you know, you almost kill three people."

Corbin Braymer hopes his parents recover. In the meantime, he thanks the community for their thoughts and prayers.

"My whole family just really appreciates all the support that we've gotten," he says.

Lipski posted bail and is now out of jail. Prosecutors are expected to formally charge him with vehicular assault.

KATU's Seattle sister station, KOMO, was able to contact Lipski. However, all he told the KOMO staff is that "It was an accident."

As for the 25-year-old woman victim who was pinned by the produce truck, she is now out of the hospital and is expected to recover.