Local woman dishes on party scene inside Sheen 'porn house'

Local woman dishes on party scene inside Sheen 'porn house' »Play Video
Adult film actress Kacey Jordan. Image copyright 2011 by KATU News.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A woman who said she was paid to hang out with notorious bad-boy actor Charlie Sheen shortly before he was hospitalized for a possible drug overdose is giving a glimpse inside the infamous ‘porn house’ party scene.

Adult film star Kacey Jordan, originally a student (under a different name) at Lakeridge and North Salem High School, was in Portland recently to get her hair colored after receiving an invitation to party hardy at Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen’s rented mansion, dubbed the ‘porn house’ for his oft-publicized predilection to have female adult film stars as company.
Sheen reportedly personally requested Jordan attend the festivities, which she said involved vast amounts of liquor and cocaine. Jordan said the scene was “worse than Scarface,” a reference to a scene in the in the movie where Al Pacino's character ingests a small mountain of cocaine on his desk shortly before a massive and fatal shootout.
She said she was not asked to do anything in particular and was offered $5,000 just to attend. She accepted.
A short time after the party ended, Sheen was hospitalized for severe abdominal pain, possibly related to a drug overdose. Specific details about what drugs may have been involved have not been released.
Jordan talked with KATU reporter Anita Kissee about the 36 hours of debauchery she witnessed before Sheen took ill. She claims she was the last one to leave the party. “I was the last one there,” she said.
Jordan said the 36-hour bender involved vodka and large amounts of cocaine and she claims Sheen smoked “large chunks of it” in a pipe on an ongoing basis while she was there.
Jordan admits drinking heavily during her time with Sheen, and even tweeted about her consumption. She also tweeted that the experience changed her life, but did not elaborate about how it was changed.
She said Sheen was on a mission to kill himself with drugs and alcohol and she wondered if it was the “last time I would see him alive.” Drugs and alcohol not withstanding, Jordan did say he offered to buy her an expensive car for the heck of it.
“He's like, “I want you to be a part of this,” Jordan recalled. “He's like, “you're our missing puzzle piece, you're our missing blonde.” He's like, “what do you want? What's the first thing you want” and I said “well, you got her a Bentley… get me a Bentley” and he's like “done ... done. I'll have it done within a couple days.” So far, Jordan said she has not received a Bently.
Sheen is one of the highest paid actors in television, making over $1 million per episode on Two and A Half Men. The rent on the “porn house” mansion in Los Angeles is reportedly $250,000 per month.
He has also starred in myriad films, including Oliver Stone’s Platoon and Wall Street, where he played against his film icon father, Martin Sheen. He even had a famous drug-themed cameo in the 80s hit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Actor Emilio Estevez is his brother.
“When you have that much money, you can pretty much get anything you want, so I was just rolling with it to see what would happen,” she said about the interlude at the mansion with Sheen.
“I know this guy is crazy,” she said “He's a crazy partier. I admire him for that because I'm a partier myself.”
But after a while, Jordan said she felt it was time to leave. At that point, Sheen reportedly pulled out his checkbook to pay her for her attendance. That’s when she got an unexpected surprise.
“He's like, “how about $25,000?” And I'm like, ummm ya.” She said her shocked response may have been misinterpreted by Sheen.
“I think he was thinking I was disappointed because I was slow in my response, but it was only because I was overwhelmed with the $25,000,” she said. “He's like “no no no. We'll make it 30, $30,000.””
Jordan said she immediately took the check to the bank and deposited it. Jordan said she doesn’t feel bad cashing the unexpected largess from Sheen and does not feel it was “hush money” because she is obviously not keeping quiet about the wild weekend.
She said she is speaking out in order to prod Sheen to get help, saying he is surrounded by enablers.
Jordan said she will be featured in a GQ photo spread soon.