Log truck driver locates hunter missing near Hagg Lake

Log truck driver locates hunter missing near Hagg Lake »Play Video
Jesus Jimenez, center in the yellow vest, talks with search team members after being found Monday morning. KATU News photo by Melanie Wingo.

NEAR FOREST GROVE, Ore. – Search teams resumed looking for a missing hunter Monday morning near Hagg Lake but the man was found safe despite being wet and tired.

Jesus Jimenez, 46, was found Monday morning by a log truck driver on Scoggins Creek Road near the lake. He apparently walked about five miles on the road before being spotted.

Jimenez's family called authorities Sunday evening at about 8 p.m. after he did not return home as expected. His vehicle was found parked near Hagg Lake.

Jimenez said said he got lost after parking his car near the lake. He said he walked several miles in the dark and rain trying to find his way. Then, a proverbial oasis appeared.

"It's a heavy rain, the good thing is when I walking I see the Caterpillar machine!" Said Jimenez. "And spent the night in the Caterpillar machine."

Search teams started looking again at first light Monday but he was found a short time later when log truck driver Lowell Schrock spotted him.

"I had heard about them looking for a lost hunter," said Schrock.