Occupy Seattle marchers block traffic on University bridge

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SEATTLE (AP) - Several hundred Occupy Seattle demonstrators blocked traffic on University Bridge for more than an hour as part of Thursday's national day of action.

The protesters started on Capitol Hill and marched northbound to the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, the group stopped on the north end, blocking traffic in both directions.

A second group of protesters who began their march in the University District arrived at the bridge moments later.

Organizers are labeling this a "Jobs Not Cuts Rally," and they hope to shine a light on the bridges and roads they say are in desperate need of repairs.

Labor union members joined the march and insist they too are part of the 99 Percent you've heard about.

Rene Koschu is an unemployed union painter and a member of tonight's protest.

"People know where the problem is," he said. "It's concentrated with the banks and the big business."

The rally broke up shortly after 6 p.m. and the bridge is now reopen.

Police clashed with Occupy Seattle demonstrators Tuesday and arrested six who blocked downtown traffic. Officers used pepper spray to disperse the crowd, which included an 84-year-old woman.

Mayor Mike McGinn apologized Wednesday and asked police to review their use of the spray.