Kevin Love says he'd love to be a Blazer

Kevin Love says he'd love to be a Blazer »Play Video
Kevin Love battles under the hoop during March Madness. AP Photo.
PORTLAND, Ore. - If you listened closely, you could hear hearts skip a few beats in Portland on Thursday.

Kevin Love, the former Lake Oswego power player who helped push UCLA deep into the national tournament last month, said he'd love to play for the Portland Trail Blazers.

The remarks came shortly after Love, a freshman, announced he was looking to make the jump to the NBA.

He reportedly said he grew up watching the Blazers and wouldn't mind hooking up with the home team, who have had a resurgent year despite key play Greg Oden sitting out with a knee injury suffered before he could ever take the floor last fall.

The prospect of big men Oden and Love on the same team is enough to make many Blazer believers break out the prayer beads, rabbit's foot or that lucky '77 championship cap in hopes of swaying the fates, but it will probably not come to pass.

Love is likely to go in the top 10 of the NBA draft, and the Blazers will most likely not get a pick that high. Most experts believe the Blazers will get a pick at about the 13th spot.

Love has also left himself a college eligibility escape clause but is not signing with an agent. If the NBA plans do not go as planned, he could still return to L.A. to play for the Bruins.

But with the typical chaos of NBA trades, draft pick shuffles and unexpected events, most Blazer fans will never say never.