Camas students say teacher called them 'terrorists'

Camas students say teacher called them 'terrorists' »Play Video
Amit Teja (left) and Simran Dhillon (right).

CAMAS, Wash. - A substitute teacher is accused of calling two students terrorists during class last week.

"That's never been said to me before by, like, a teacher," said Amit Teja, who is a sophomore at Camas High School.

According to Teja, the substitute teacher, Norman Krasne, said the slur during a role-play on hotel management.

"He comes up to us and says, 'Are you guys doing your work,' and we're like, 'Yah, we're doing our research,' and then he was like, 'Shouldn't you guys not be researching it, shouldn't you guys be blowing it up, you terrorists," said Simran Dhillon, the other student involved.

"I looked to my friend, and I was like, 'Did he really just say that?' " Teja said.

When asked whether he thought the teacher was kidding, Dhillon said no.

"Because he never laughed," he said. "He was just standing there with a serious face, so I just walked away because I knew what he said."

Teja and Dhillon, who were both born in the United States, said they felt so uncomfortable that they complained to the principal.

"I think he should not be allowed to teach," Teja said. "It's not right. He crossed the line. And now at school I feel like an outcast. I don't feel the same."

Officials at Camas High School said they are investigating the incident. They have interviewed the students involved, the teacher and other students that were in the classroom. They said that until the investigation is complete, the teacher will not be back.

We tried to get Krasne's perspective on what happened, but he never called back and no one would answer the door during our numerous stops at his Vancouver home.

Teja and Dhillon said they want an apology and one assurance.

"I just want him completely gone, like he can't teach at all," Dhillon said. "Because if they ban him from this school district it doesn't mean he's not going to go somewhere else and do it too."

The school district's personnel director will receive the report on what happened on Wednesday. There is no word on how long it will take to be reviewed.

And even if the school district decides that Krasne cannot teach in Camas, that does not mean he won't be able to teach in other school districts.