Police: Former dancer squatted in vacant homes

Police: Former dancer squatted in vacant homes »Play Video
GIG HARBOR, Wash. -- Police have arrested a woman accused of breaking into and staying in houses up for rent or for sale.

Gig Harbor police said Bree Dallas, a former Las Vegas dancer, has been on a squatting streak. They said Dallas broke into homes and stayed three or four nights in each place before taking off with some of the things inside.

Police said a real estate agent finally brought an end to the streak. The agent sensed something was wrong when Dallas contacted him to see a house.

The agent called police, and when Dallas showed up to see the house, police were waiting for her inside. Dallas was arrested and now faces felony burglary charges.

But that was after Dallas allegedly broke into Rose and Randy Stewart's house.

The door was locked at the for-sale house, the key was in a lock box and a warning sign was posted on the door. But police said that wasn't enough to keep Dallas out.

Real estate agent Chris Dowd was trying to sell the Stewarts' house when Dallas allegedly broke in during broad daylight wearing high heels, possibly pretending to be a real estate agent.

"And to pull up and unload in a house when other people are driving past you -- that was pretty brave," Dowd said.

And when she was ready to move on, Dowd said the intruder first cleaned house.

"Everything in the kitchen was pretty much gone," he said.

The Stewarts didn't even realize some of their things had been taken by a squatter, according to police. But when shown the items in a police garage, they recognized several things immediately. Among the pile were the Stewarts' toaster, wine glasses and even a gift from Randy's family.

Among the items police have recovered are small things like candle holders and mugs but also much larger pieces, including a chair and an ottoman.

The Stewarts' have reclaimed their possessions but not without heartache and an unsettling feeling.

"Well, it's upsetting, really upsetting. I'm upset but happy that I found it," Rose said.

"And then to all of a sudden not allow anyone into your house again unless you were standing over them watching them -- that's not the kind of person I am, but you can't trust everybody apparently," Randy said.