Cyclist ends up on hood of car, driver arrested

Cyclist ends up on hood of car, driver arrested »Play Video
In this image from a videotape of a road rage incident, a cyclist clings to the hood of a car while being driven down a Portland street.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A confrontation between a cyclist and a driver in southeast Portland Sunday erupted into a road rage incident in which the cyclist found himself on the hood of the man's speeding car, police said.

It happened near the intersection of Southeast 58th Avenue and Southeast Washington Street about 7 p.m. after 37-year-old cyclist Jason Scott Rehnberg yelled at a passing Ford Escort to slow down, police said. His statement may have included profanity, he told police.

The driver apparently took offense, stopped his car and starting chasing the cyclist, who rode away to escape the situation, police said.

When the cyclist thought the coast was clear, he rode back out onto Southeast 58th Avenue, only to eventually see the same Ford Escort ahead of him, police said. The driver then backed up in order to try and hit the cyclist, who jumped off his bike just before the car hit and damaged the bike, police said.

The cyclist and two others then stood in front of the Ford, saying they wanted to get the license plate number. Police said the driver then accelerated toward them; the cyclist ended up on the hood while the other two jumped out of the way.

With the cyclist clinging to the Ford's windshield wipers, the driver sped north on Southeast 58th Avenue, police said. Eventually, the driver slowed down enough for the cyclist to get off the car, police said.

A resident on that street videotaped part of the incident using a cell phone, and police released that footage Monday.

Later, 21-year-old James F. Millican was charged with kidnapping, second-degree attempted assault, driving under the influence of intoxicants, third-degree criminal mischief and reckless driving in connection with the incident.