Injured scooter rider faces more leg surgery

Injured scooter rider faces more leg surgery
- By Bill Roberson Web Producer

PORTLAND, Ore. - A woman was severely injured Wednesday when her Vespa scooter collided with a car near a construction zone near East Burnside Street and 14th Avenue in Portland.

Nearby witnesses say they tried to get the attention of the driver of the car before the accident, but were not successful.

The scooter impacted the passenger side of a red Subaru Outback Wagon, severely injuring the rider, identified as Kalaisha Watrous, 25, of Portland.

Donation fund

Watrous was wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet at the time of the accident, and her employer, who now has the helmet, says extensive damage to the protective device indicates it probably saved her life.

Two witnesses say a woman driving a red Subaru was going through a construction zone when they tried to alert her that a scooter was heading towards her, but she apparently did not see the warning.

Watrous then hit the car on the passenger-side door.

Police cited the driver of the car for failing to stop at a stop sign.

According to an email sent out by a Portland scooter club that Watrous is a member of, Watrous' injuries include a broken left leg, shattered right knee cap, broken left arm, dislocated right elbow and several facial fractures.

Watrous underwent a 7-hour surgery on one leg and will have another surgery on her leg Friday.

Watrous is expected to recover from the injuries, but reportedly has no health insurance.

A spokesperson for the Portland scooter club Twist And Play says a fund to assist Watrous with her medical expenses has been set up at U.S. Bank and donations can be made at any branch.