Pedestrian hit by pickup dies from her injuries at OHSU

Pedestrian hit by pickup dies from her injuries at OHSU
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PORTLAND, Ore. - An 18-year-old woman hit by a pickup truck while crossing a street in southeast Portland on Wednesday has died from her injuries, according to OHSU hospital officials.

Jocelyn Latka had been clinging to life in a Portland hospital following the accident Wednesday evening on Southeast 39th Street.

The driver of the pickup truck was not cited, but police investigators also determined it was not Latka's fault.

In the last month, almost 20 people have been hit by vehicles as they crossed streets in the Portland and Vancouver area.

Latest update on Oregon crosswalk laws

Portland police and city politicians teamed up Thursday for a crosswalk sting as the number of pedestrians killed and injured continued to climb.

City Commissioner Sam Adams acted as one of the 'pedestrians' crossing the street as car after car either ignored the crosswalk or gave it short shrift by slowing just enough to let Adams and others cross the street.

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Drivers who did not stop six feet from a mid-block crosswalk in downtown Portland were given tickets with fines over $100, according to police officials.

The current Oregon law states that drivers must come to a stop six feet from a marked crosswalk when pedestrians are present.

Additionally, cars are allowed to move through a crosswalk once pedestrians have moved six feet out of the traffic lane the vehicle occupies.

Previously, Oregon law simply stated that pedestrians had to be completely out of the street before a car could cross the crosswalk, but city and police officials admitted enforcement of the law was lax due to the vagueness of the ordinance and other law enforcement priorities.

The recent spate of accidents can be blamed on many factors, including driver inattention, pedestrians crossing in the wrong area or against lights, poor driving conditions involving rain and darkness, and pedestrians wearing dark clothing at night while crossing streets.

In the town of Sandy, Oregon, three girls crossing a street at a crosswalk Thursday near their school were hit by a teen driver who claimed he did not see them. The girls suffered only minor injuries.