Can a four-day school week really work?

Can a four-day school week really work? »Play Video

COLTON, Ore. - Closing an elementary school, cutting the school week by a day and slashing jobs are all on the table for the Oregon City School District as they struggle to make up for a $6 million hole in the budget.

Cutting the school week by a day has been the major issue with the possible plan and although a final decision will not be made until the spring, we wanted to know whether a four-day school week would be detrimental to students.

In Colton, students have had Fridays off for five years now and we were surprised to find out how many people there like the four-day schedule.

Parents say they enjoy spending more time with their kids and because the district extended the Monday through Thursday school hours, daycare costs are a wash.

But what about when you put the district to the real test - the state report card on how much kids there are learning?

The district's superintendent, Linda Johnson, said students are performing even better on the new schedule.

"Our scores continue to go up," she said. "They have not gone down. We have not really seen that."

When we looked at the Colton School District's Oregon report card we found that although there were a few drops in average test scores, overall students there are scoring better in reading, math and science - and they are consistently higher than the state averages.

The district also uses Fridays to make up for snow days and for teacher in-service and grading days.

And they have fewer short weeks for holidays. For example, next week students will be out of school on Monday, but they make that holiday up by going to school on Friday.