Business as usual for Adams despite questions

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland’s embattled mayor arrived back at work Monday but had no comments following a week of intense pressure and speculation about his future following revelations he lied about a relationship with a male legislative intern in 2005.

The intern, Beau Breedlove, now 21, was 18 years old when he and Adams had a sexual relationship. Prior to his election as mayor in 2008, Adams told local publications and TV reporters that his relationship with Breedlove, who was not identified at the time, was not romantic or sexual in nature.

Breedlove has issued statements saying Adams, who is openly gay, also asked him to conceal the nature of the relationship but that he still supported and was a friend of Adams. The two men do not currently have a romantic relationship.

On Jan. 20, Adams returned early from Pres. Barack Obama’s inauguration festivities to admit he lied before an article concerning the story was due to be published in the Portland weekly newspaper Willamette Week on Jan. 21.

Adams arrived at Portland’s City Hall Monday morning trailing a larger-than-usual security detail and would not field questions about the story from members of the press who had assembled to meet him as he entered the building.

Saying “good morning” to the press, he also remarked that he would only answer questions related to “city business.”

Adams took his seat on the City Council per usual and conducted the business of the day, which included a full slate of meetings, according to his published schedule.

Adams did not attend any meetings last week as speculation swirled about whether he would resign his position as mayor. His schedule was reportedly clear since he was supposed to be in Washington D.C.

Following vocal support from some citizens, condemnation by others and calls for his resignation from multiple local publications, it appeared clear Monday that Adams was not intending to resign.

Adams released two videos Sunday via the Internet, asking the public’s forgiveness for the scandal.

On Monday, city commissioners Nick Fish and Randy Leonard both refused to answer questions about the scandal, saying they were doing the “people’s business” and focusing on their work.

City Commissioner Dan Salzman came out in defense of Adams at a rally by supporters last Friday.

The Oregonian newspaper has reported that Breedlove said he and Adams kissed twice while he was still 17 but Breedlove said the contact was mutual.

An investigation into the relationship is under way by the Oregon state Attorney General’s Office.

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