Lars Larson to go before the City Council

Lars Larson to go before the City Council »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland's embattled mayor, Sam Adams, sidestepped public criticism at last week's City Council meeting but this week's session may not be so quiet, especially since radio talk show host Lars Larson is on the schedule.

At last week's meeting, a few folks showed up to give the mayor a piece of their mind, but Adams was quick to let them know that they had to sign up a week in advance or keep their comments to what was on the agenda.

Lars Larson made sure to get his name on the list and he plans to ask some pointed questions directed not only at the mayor, but at all of the city commissioners. He knows his questions might be met with dead silence or that the mayor may not show or come in late. But he thinks if that happens, that alone would say a lot.

Some of Adams' opponents who did not get to speak directly to the mayor last week have also secured spots at the beginning of this week's City Council meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.  Each person will get three minutes to speak before the mayor and city commissioners.