Photo shows knife Lukus Glenn was holding during confrontation with police

Photo shows knife Lukus Glenn was holding during confrontation with police

TIGARD, Ore. - Police have released a photo of the knife that 18-year-old Lukus Glenn was holding during a confrontation with officers that ended with his death.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. Saturday at a home on Southwest 80th and Birch in Washington County.

According to police, Lukus Glenn, a former Tigard High School football player who graduated last spring, was armed with the knife and was acting in an irrational manner.

The knife had a blade that was about three inches long.

On Monday, police released the 911 call from the teenager's mother, Hope Glenn.

"He just keeps threatening to kill everybody," she is heard saying during the 911 call. "He's just not in the right head. He says when the cops get here, he's going to stab himself in the neck."

According to Sgt. David Thompson with the Washington County Sheriff's Office, four deputies fired non-lethal beanbag rounds at Glenn, but he refused to disarm. They then fired at him with real ammunition, killing him.

Since the shooting, concern has grown in the community about whether the deputies who fired on Glenn were right in doing so.

In the 911 call, Glenn's mother tells the operator several times that she is scared that the officers will shoot her son. Thompson has said that the officers believed their lives were in danger.

Glenn was a star kicker on the football team at Tigard High School and was active in soccer and track as well. Grief counselors were on hand at the school on Monday to help students deal with the news of his death.