D.A.: Deputies were justified in shooting teen

D.A.: Deputies were justified in shooting teen

TIGARD, Ore. - The deputies who shot and killed 18-year-old Lukus Glenn were justified in doing so, according to the Washington County District Attorney.

Glenn was killed Sept. 16 outside his home. According to police, he was acting in an irrational manner and was also armed with a knife. Police opened fire on him after first using non-lethal beanbag rounds to try to subdue him.

Since the shooting, concern has grown in the community about whether the deputies who fired on Glenn were right in doing so.

Washington County District Attorney Bob Hermann states in a summary of his review that "while tragic, the use of deadly physical force by the deputies who shot Lukus Glenn was justified." The full review goes into more detail about how the D.A. came to that conclusion:

"It is clear that Mr. Glenn was extremely distraught and angry with his parents on the night of his death. He had smashed out windows to their vehicles using his bare hands, as well as a shovel, kicked in the front door to their residence and armed himself with a knife making statements that someone was going to die tonight. He told the deputies on the scene either they would have to kill him or he would kill himself. During the deputies' encounter with Mr. Glenn, his anger appeared directed toward his parents. When Mr. Glenn, while armed with the knife, turned and ran toward the entrance of his residence, which was approximately 20 feet away, the deputies believed that Mr. Glenn presented a threat of death or serious physical injury to the occupants and that it was necessary to shoot Mr. Glenn to protect those inside the residence."

The District Attorney's review is not the end of the case. The Washington County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the incident and the case could still go to a grand jury.