Arrows, dead duck found at Laurelhurst Park

Arrows, dead duck found at Laurelhurst Park »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Authorities believe someone shot dozens of arrows at waterfowl in the Laurelhurst Park pond overnight, killing a duck.

Someone called 911 about 8 a.m. Wednesday to report a duck alive but bleeding and shot with an arrow at the southeast Portland pond, police said. When crews arrived, they found a white-colored duck dead and floating in the water but the arrow was gone. Authorities believe the arrow may have just fallen out.

Members of a Multnomah County Sheriff's dive team recovered more than 40 arrows from the pond as well as from an island where ducks congregate at night. They kept those arrows as evidence for the crime of animal abuse.

A neighbor, Ron Bespflug, said he heard a loud commotion in the park about 2:30 a.m. but thought it was just a group of young kids having a mid-week party.

Police had no immediate suspects and found no other ducks dead.